Environmental Probiotics

Provide a powerful tool to attack micro-organisms and decontaminate spaces efficiently and effectively.


Increased protection from indoor irritants floating in the air and that reside on surface

Neutral PH

The Neutral PH is friendly to humans and the environment.

100% Organic

Free of chemicals and toxins. 

Balance and Health

Environmental probiotics bring health and balance to the interior, attacking bacteria and preventing infections. 

Hygienic and stable environments

Create healthy and clean spaces that promote wellbeing and good performance, reducing absenteeism. 

Probiotic SM Tower Diffuser

has the stereoscopic round appearance, intelligent design make you enjoy it in silence. It is suitable for villa, bakery, clothing shop, and bar.

Cordless Electrostatic Sprayers

Provide every worker with a powerful tool to attack microbes and decontaminate facilities.While they resemble simple pumps or misters and are as easy to operate.

Disinfecting, Sanitazing and Probiotic Tabs

Disinfecting and Sanitizing Tabs is a sustainable, solid tablet form of Sodium Triclosene, NaDCC, which dissolves readily in water to become a powerful hypochlorous acid

Other Wellness Products

Our Sanctuous™ product line provides a comprehensive solution to indoor wellness, surpassing all health and environmental industry standards.

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