Good Bacteria vs. Bad Bacteria

Maybe you don’t know, maybe you do but we are surrounded by many, many microorganisms. Among them, we have millions of ‘inmates’ called bacteria. Bacteria are always in the environment, the things we get in contact with and in our body. They are commonly known or perceived as harmful and dangerous but actually, most bacteria are good. You are about to find the importance of bacteria, but first it is important to understand the difference between bad and good bacteria.


They are just a little percentage from the total bacteria in the world, however some of them are really bad to the point they can make you sick or even kill you. Bacteria are able to adapt and live anywhere. Bad bacteria can be harmful and cause infections or poisoning, even though the bad guys are less than the good guys, the bad guys can definitively cause lots of problems. It is common to find these type of bacteria in food. This is why you should protect it by preserving it and having a good higiene when it comes to handling food. You can also find bad bacteria in the air, water, and other living beings. It is important to be aware and keep everything clean and protected, as well as to find ways to increase that protection with household items like water and air filters and other more advanced technologies like probiotics. Now, remember the good guys are more and they are necessary.

Good Bacteria

Believe it or not, you couldn’t live without some bacteria. For instance, they are great decomposers; therefore, they help to clean up things. They also help you keep your body and environment healthy. The most common good bacteria are probiotics, which are very good for your health especially for your digestive system. These are easy to find in fermented food and some diary products. We also have many other good bacteria inside our bodies to make it function properly and help us remain healthy. The good guys make everything work as it should. Outside our bodies we can also find helpful bacteria, like the ones that are used to produce some food, medicines and vaccines. There are even some bacteria used to make bacteria in our bodies work properly. They are very small but clever. Bacteria easily adapts and learn to survive. As strong survivors as they are, they figured a way to use all nutrients they can find around to grow and make copies of themselves. There are many types of bacteria and they thrive in different conditions, some of them can even live without oxygen or light. Talking numbers, about 15% of known bacteria are bad. Like we said, most of them are good and live in living organisms. Now that you know this, you should be grateful that you have millions of bacteria helping your body work and protecting you against bad bacteria. Have you heard about air probiotics? These type of good bacteria have been encapsulated to be sprayed in surfaces creating a new type of technology to protect our indoors. We will keep talking about this in futuro posts.