Multifamily development in Miami will feature healthy indoor environments

The design of a home and the materials used in constructing it can go a long way in determining if that living space is healthy or not. And as more and more people begin to focus on doing their best to live a healthy lifestyle, they do not want to get home from a day of eating healthy, exercising, and just generally taking care of themselves to find their home working to unravel all of their efforts. The Wellness Habitat Company is a Miami-based company that attempts to use the latest in wellness innovation and technology to make sure a person’s residence is working as hard as they are at keeping themselves healthy. The company’s latest project, a multifamily development in Miami’s East Edgewater neighborhood dubbed “Elysee,” will become the first wellness multifamily residential development in Miami when completed. The Wellness Habitat Company uses products and solutions tested by researchers, doctors, and health professionals and independently evaluates each building to develop customized solutions. For Elysee, that meant including water filtration, air purification, aromatherapy, aromatherapeutic shower systems, eco-friendly paint, and LED circadian lighting. These wellness solutions will be found in the 57-story tower’s residences; lobby; seventh floor health club, pool, and children’s room; and the 30th floor owner’s sky lounge. Elysee’s units will be priced from $1.7 million to $10 million with an average of $750 per square foot. The architect for the project is Arquitectonica and Two Roads Development is the developer.