Create a healthy work environment that increases employee productivity and satisfaction.

Commercial spaces can become “safe havens”, where the air that is breathed, the water that is used, even the surfaces that are touched, are free of contaminants and other hazardous substances.

Higher productivity, fewer sick days.

Innovation and the American workforce are the twin engines that propel our national economy. Yet it’s the workplace itself that actually accounts for increased employee productivity, reduced absenteeism, and the subsequent boost to a company’s bottom line.

Why Wellness for Office?

Air Purification

Our energy efficient, multi-layered purification system eliminates airborne spores, germs, and bacteria often found indoors.

Environmental Probiotics

Infuse chemical-free, micron-size probiotics into the air to reduce foul odors, eliminate pollutants & vastly improve air quality

LED Healthy Lighting System

Revolutionary lighting system adjusts to the body’s natural rhythms, controlling light intensity & supporting your health.


Our customizable scent system disperses uplifting aromas via ventilation systems.

Water Filtration

Filter 99% of heavy metals and water-born chemicals, eliminate harmful organisms, and significantly reduce parasites, lead & bacteria.

Eco Friendly Paint & Primer

Sourced from earth-based plant and mineral components, the Sanctuous interior paints are durable, eco-friendly and free of toxic fumes.

Wellness for Commercial Spaces

Think of it as an environmental detox treatment for the work places we share. Click here to learn more.

Comprehensive Office Wellness Products

A comprehensive line of products for the Office Industry.

Interested? Start your path to wellness.