Whether it’s a sailing yacht, or a motor yacht, your vessel can benefit from Sanctuous™ health & wellness systems.

The Sanctuous™ Yacht Line is a comprehensive and holistic approach for improving our physical and psychological well being. By improving the health conditions in the air, water, light, and other environmental factors Sanctuous™ products transform your yacht into a wellness sanctuary.

Why Wellness for Residential?

Air Purification

Our energy efficient, multi-layered purification system eliminates airborne spores, germs, and bacteria often found in yachts.

Environmental Probiotics

Infuse chemical-free, micron-size probiotics into the air to reduce foul odors, eliminate pollutants & vastly improve air qualit

Aromatherapeutic Showers

Nourish the body by eliminating pollutants & hard-water deposits and replacing them with an infusion of organic vitamins & collagen.


Our customizable scent system disperses uplifting aromas via yacht ventilation systems.

Water Filtration

Filter 99% of heavy metals and water-born chemicals, eliminate harmful organisms, and significantly reduce parasites, lead & bacteria.

LED Healthy Lighting System

Revolutionary lighting system adjusts to the body’s natural rhythms, controlling light intensity & supporting your health.

Comprehensive Yachting Wellness Products

A comprehensive line of products for the Yachting Industry.

Interested? Start your path to wellness.